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Secure and Reliable paper Scanning Duplex pagesscanning for less than a cent

Eofficehub will scan your pages, paper, medical records, files, charts and documents for 1/2 (half) a cent. Call for monthly service or per box rates.

That's right! $.005 per image. Guaranteed lowest price in Atlanta or the state of Georgia.

The images (TIFF, PDF, ETC will be fully searchable and modifiable, it can be uploaded to 90% of the electronic medical records platforms and other electronic records on the market. Eofficehub provides IT support for importing into EMRs and other electronic document software. We will train your staff

We'll include everything your documents need for one simple price.


Scanned files can be faxed, imported into EMR's, printed or emailed directly from the disk that we send you. We guarantee 100% quality on each project.

Offer subject to some restrictions.

Please call us directly at (678) 361-8404 or click here to discuss your requirements and learn how we have helped clients in your industry save thousands of dollars each year


Why Electronic Document Management is a ‘Must Have’

Study after study shows that it takes an average of six minutes to pull and re-file a chart. 

This can cost you as much as $35,000 a year. Read more..  

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

Studies show that an Electronic Document Management System, or Electronic Medical Record System provides the best path to HIPAA compliance. Read more..

Physicians can receive over $100 k in aid

A physician can receive up to $44,000 under Medicare and $63,750 under Medicaid, while a hospital can receive millions of dollars.

Read more..