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Scanning Services

Document scanning and electronic filing

Does choosing a photocopier/printer overwhelm you? What about keeping track of the originals and modified copies? Do sales people come to your office and promise the new X10,000 photocopier will solve your problems and save money?  Instead your staff spends more time filing and shredding paper work. You hear yourself asking “Is this the copy with the notes I made? Were all the extra copies shredded? What about messy forms from constant photocopying?"

Scan and solve this problem with our super fast scanners and protect your bottom line by reclaiming that ever growing file storage area. We mainly service the South East Cities. Atlanta, Nashville, Jacksonville to name a few. Eofficehub can help you with all your document and paper scanning needs in Atlanta Georgia, Nashville, etc. read more

Electronic Document management

So you have scanned but you find yourself still asking asking for faxes, documents and files/charts, and getting “it’s on your desk boss” “you were working on it yesterday…”  

Let us help you view, edit, fax, copy email, print with the click of a mouse and reduce document management hours and save money. read more

data Backup recommendations and services

You are paying for a backup system but not sure what you are really getting. Ask yourself these questions. How long does it take to restore my system? What does downtime cost me?

With your bottom line and stiuation in mind we will recommend and implement a customized data backup solution for you. We have a wide range of systems, from simple hardware and software backup to remote site utilization that you will always have control over.   

Call (678)-361-8404 or email and get the most out of your data backup system






Why Electronic Document Management is a ‘Must Have’

Study after study shows that it takes an average of six minutes to pull and re-file a chart. 

This can cost you as much as $35,000 a year. Read more..  

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

Studies show that an Electronic Document Management System, or Electronic Medical Record System provides the best path to HIPAA compliance. Read more..

Physicians can receive over $100 k in aid

A physician can receive up to $44,000 under Medicare and $63,750 under Medicaid, while a hospital can receive millions of dollars.

Read more..