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A physician can receive over one hundred thousand Medicare and $63,750 under medicaid (over one hundred thousand dollars) governmental aid for converting to electronic medical office, while a hospital can Doctorreceive millions of dollars.

To tap into the $27 billion being made available over the next decade to promote EMR adoption, healthcare providers must demonstrate meaningful use of an EMR system

Eofficehub can help you with some of these objectives

For individual professionals, provide patients with clinical summaries for each office visit; for hospitals, provide an electronic copy of hospital discharge instructions on request
Clinical summaries provided to patients for more than 50 percent of all office vsits within three business days; more than 50 percent of all patients who are discharged from the inpatient department or emergency department of an eligible hospital or critical access hospital and who request an electronic copy of their discharge instructions are provided with it
On request, provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including diagnostic test results, problem list, medication list, medication allergies, and for hospitals, discharge summary and procedures
More than 50 percent of requesting patients receive electronic copy within three business days
Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (does not apply to hospitals)
More than 40 percent are transmitted electronically using certified EHR technology
Computer provider order entry (CPOE) for medication orders
More than 30 percent of patients with at least one medication in their medication ordered through CPOE



Why Electronic Document Management is a ‘Must Have’

Study after study shows that it takes an average of six minutes to pull and re-file a chart. 

This can cost you as much as $35,000 a year. Read more..  

HIPAA Rules and Regulations

Studies show that an Electronic Document Management System, or Electronic Medical Record System provides the best path to HIPAA compliance. Read more..

Physicians can receive over $100 k in aid

A physician can receive up to $44,000 under Medicare and $63,750 under Medicaid, while a hospital can receive millions of dollars.

Read more..